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Quick Modding Job opportunity for a lucky and tallented modder - Ark Mod Comission!

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:46 am
by MooCowGal
Ok so heres the details:

paying 320 USD upon successful completion, please note that you will be required to demonstrate all aspects of the mod functioning fully to receive payment.

I want you to create for my server a rideable tamable cow.

It will be called simply "Battle Cow"

15% chance of spawning from any dinasaur as an egg when the dinasaur takes a poo.

the Battle Cow continually farts a deadly jet of green gas when running.

when mounted the "man with the machine gun" battle music plays in a loop from beginning to end.

when killed it explodes like a bomb and poo 25 poos fly everywhere.

must be animated in the "rtubber hose" school of animation style popularised by disney

must have idle and walk / run states of animation

moos randomly

When full of food for more then 15 minutes spawns 12 cookies and a glass of milk
each cookie will restore half your health and milk restores stamina to full

I have created the model and textures and sounds now we just need you to give it life :3

voice contact is a requirement such as teamspeak or skype
beyond that I ask that you maintain a posotive attitude

Contact me on skype Milly_the_Moo_Moo