Old laptop as server for a few (2-5) people

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Old laptop as server for a few (2-5) people

Postby Kir » Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:39 pm

Hey, I would like to use my old laptop as a server for a few people and I'm wondering how well it could run. It only has 2GB RAM currently so I can't test it, but should the specs be enough, then I'd get some more RAM.

Specs are:
CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7500 (2.2GHz)
RAM (currently. want to stock up): 2GB DDR2 667MHz
GPU (which shouldn't really matter): Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT

Running the server on my computer, it only consumes 3GB of RAM, so I'm thinking adding another 2 GB to the laptop should be sufficient. Is the CPU strong enough though?
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