Class M is Looking to Expand its Gene Pool! Click For More Info!!!

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Class M is Looking to Expand its Gene Pool! Click For More Info!!!

Post by Bloodyrahu » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:44 am

A curious spatial anomaly interfered with our ship’s sensor relays causing us to crash-land on an unexplored Class M planet known as Valhalla! We were originally investigating this planet because it orbits a supermassive black hole! However, due to the colossal gravity field caused by the near-light-speed rotation of the black hole, time dilation ensures that our journey was a one-way trip! Everyone we previously knew from our former lives has already died. We have used our extensive training and our legendary wits to survive and to forge a new life on Valhalla!

There have now been several generations of humans that have survived and perished on Class M. It has been entire lifetimes for them and their dinosaur families, however it has only been about a month outside of the black hole's orbit.

But, the gene pool is starting to get a little thin on Class M. We need variances in the human DNA to keep the planet thriving! That means we are looking for humans who are fed up with their current existence to come enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Valhalla with a small community. I am calling for all interested human participants to set course for Class M!

Class M is a PvPvE server with light roleplay elements born on Christmas 2015. We have a small community and are looking to expand our playerbase with new tributes. The first couple weeks of Class M's existence were fairly rough as we determined what kind of environment we wanted to provide. Now, however, we have a good mod-set and a solid foundation on which to grow.

We have three active admins available to help throughout the day!

There are a maximum of 6 people allowed in any one tribe. This is to disallow alpha tribes from taking over the server!

Offline raiding is not strictly prohibited, however we do have the Offline Raid Protection mod live on the server. That means that when the ORP pillars are active, it is EXTREMELY difficult to raid someone if they are not online. We have also raised structure resistance significantly on the server, meaning that structures only take about 10 percent of the damage that would normally be done with default settings! Couple this with Offline Raid Protection, and we are confident that we have built an honorable PvP environment.

We also provide server-wide raid events with prizes to ensure a fun PvE experience as well.

We have increased the taming speed to 3x partly to offset the INTENSE difficulty on the server. Dinosaurs currently go up to level 650. The progressive difficulty system ensures that Class M will never be too easy.

The harvesting speed has been set to 8x that of default. This is to encourage epic tribe structures and to facilitate solo players' calculated survival. We don't want to hamstring your building with constant material grinds. We want you to develop our planet!

Experience gain has been increased by 3x! This is due to player levels being increased to level 120!

Do not be mistaken, this server is made for players looking for a real challenge and real fulfillment with building and taming, NOT instant gratification!

Both Kerplok and I have over 1000 hours in Ark, and we are committed to providing a fun and rewarding experience to the Ark community! Class M will never be wiped if it can be absolutely avoided. We will keep it online hopefully forever.

Right now there is a 30 player limit. This is to ensure that the community doesn't feel overcrowded on the MASSIVE Valhalla map. We would consider raising this limit to 50 players if Class M becomes popular, but never more than 50 players.

Mods on Class M - Research and Development, Small Dragons, Valhalla, Advanced Cooking, Offline Raid Protection, Better Beacons, Architecture (Castles), Boss Dinos, Remote Controlled Door and Gate Opener, Custom Warmaps, StoragePLUS, Dino Skins for hats, No Collision Building, Industrial Grinder, and Joan's Corpse and Pet Finder!

If you have any questions, feel free to message Rahu (from Colorado with the black and white burning monk picture) or Kerplok on Steam! Definitely join the server's public Steam group @ Class M Server (Class-M)! We always post announcements about downtimes, server changes, mod updates, mod changes, ark updates, and any general information about Class M in the Steam group!

It's not always easy to find us with Ark's questionable in-game server browser, but you can always direct connect to Class M via steam! Also when joining, it will probably disconnect you for the first few times that you try to enter. This is because the in-game mod downloading system is not well developed yet. Subscribing to Valhalla on the Steam Workshop should alleviate some of the wait time! This process only occurs the first time a connection is attempted!


I hope to see you guys developing on Class M soon! Thanks for reading!

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