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Stuck in the air

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:47 pm
by skeletor100
I was trying to tame a Quetzal using an argent carrying a scorpion. I think the argent ran out of stamina and dropped the scorpion mid air. It then tried to descend to the ground to refill it's stamina. It got stuck on the scorpion that it had dropped and couldn't move any further and the scorpion couldn't move. I tried to jump off so I could go and get another argent to move the scorpion but I got stuck on the argent's wings and couldn't fall either. I tried logging out and logging in to fix it but that didn't work. I tried knocking out both my argent and my scorpion with tranq arrows and that didn't work. I tried logging out and logging back in again. When I logged back in both the argent and the scorpion were on the ground but unconscious. Meanwhile I was still stuck in the air and still couldn't fall. I was forced to watch helplessly as raptors killed my argent that had been with me since about a week after I started playing. I then had to watch helplessly as a spino killed my scorpion. All while I was still stuck in the air. Now that was bad enough but I eventually started to starve and eventually died of starvation. I went back to where I died expecting to be able to get all of my items back but my body was still stuck in the air. A friend on the server used his Quetzal platform to try and get me near the floating body so I could get my stuff but nothing could get anywhere near the body to be able to get anything. So I lost all of my armour, all of my weapons, all of my navigation equipment and a lot of narcotics.

Because of this glitch where I got stuck in the air I lost two of my high level tames and all of my armour, weapons and items. It's absolutely infuriating given how much time I'd spent making all of my stuff and not only taming the animals but also leveling them up only to lose them because the game completely broke on me.