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season could return FIFA back to the top of the league

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:17 pm
by xiaoliu
FIFA 16 is off to a very strong start, and has the potential to get the best game regarding football EA has produced in years. Here’s ten reasons why this season could return FIFA back to the top of the league. In fifa4coin your defence will spend more time watching the ball move around the pitch instead of actually trying to find it back. Thankfully, defender intelligence has been greatly improved this season. The back four (or maybe three, if you're fancy) will try and step into passing lanes to attempt to win back possession, and try to nip when in front of any attackers waiting for just a sloppy pass.

However when you hit an average or driven to among your defenders, the touch is generally poor making for the strange discrepancy between the particular attacking and defensive versions. If you enjoyed this arcade element FIFA had despite its general realism, you are going for being disappointed by the changes and you will probably need significant adjustment to how you will play. A welcome addition to gameplay may be the 'no touch dribbling' which lets you detach yourself from the particular ball to feint in addition to create space to dribble into. You may remember pace to be a large benefit in FIFA 15, well this is not the case. fifabli20