Minecarts, Trains, and Rails

Feature ideas for ARK: Survival Evolved
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Minecarts, Trains, and Rails

Postby bwicked » Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:46 pm

So I had a dream I was in between towns in an IRL dream verson of ARK. I was at a railroad crossing and I had wanted to light up the area. I was using the cement foundation of the crossing as a work bench to make a desk lamp because in my dream a desk lamp gave the best light and it could be seen across the map like a beacon drop or an obelisk. Oh, and I was making a purple outlet plug thing. I figure this was a future version of ark where there were far more variety of things to build. In this dream there was a train whistle and so I had to pick of the stuff I was building and move aside for the approaching train. And the train was carrying loads of metal ore and was powered by wood and coal. It was a most awesome sight. There was a network of tracks and switches and you could drive right up to a metal harvest-able rock and mine it, then drive to the next one. The tracks didn't prevent plants, trees, or metal rocks from re-spawning. They only prevented normal rocks from re-spawning near them.

Anyway, it would be fun if there were trains and minecarts in ARK. Just because.
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Re: Minecarts, Trains, and Rails

Postby Nteger » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:07 pm

That would be AWESOME! Lots of metal and wood, though.
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Re: Minecarts, Trains, and Rails

Postby Biggx01 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:37 pm

i think this would cause problems for new players since only a few people would have train systems go through areas of interest like metal nodes, rocks, and trees. Yes we all would like to see similar things but it would be senseless for this game to create something for only a few to utilize it. It would essentially become just theirs. Not a great game balance. Maybe creating carts that dinos could pull behind them so they can carry more. The weight of the item could be lowered by 2/3 since it is being pulled and not carried. :)
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Re: Minecarts, Trains, and Rails

Postby Snoochy44721 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:09 pm

I rather like the idea. But I'm hosting a private server for my personal al friends from my house. It would be awesome to make a train system from base to base, mine to mine, or even just a roller coaster. But it indeed would have to cost alot of metal and would be ALOT of new design work. And then people would all be like 'YEAH! futuristic monorail and bullet trains to go from east coast to west coast!" And to that I'd say no. But it'd be nice to have a train or wagon of sorts. Maybe instead make dinos able to follow other dinos on command and have them pulling wagons/minecarts?
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