Something superior to broodmother

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Something superior to broodmother

Postby Tyrannachos rex » Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:07 pm

All we know the broodmother is the final boss,¿no?, BUT, with the coming of larger creatures, when someone says BROODMOTHER i say: MEH :|
My idea is to put a MEGA-GIGANTIC spider, in appareance similar to the broodmother but so big that will SPAWN BROODMOTHERS :shock:
Things i will like to you put to this boss:1-make it so difficult than may be necessary at least 10 players/tribemates to take this down 2-make it tameable !! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE¡¡ i will hate you for all the history if you dont make this tameable !!!PLEASE¡¡¡
3- call it :THE MATRIARCH.
Thats all for now , do it early or late but please do it, i will be very happy. ¡Bye!
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