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Materials drop chance differentiation

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:49 am
by S-Freak
I have been playing the game a little and I was just thinking, that I personally would like to see some kind of drop ratio chance for berries and such.. I mean, if you find yourself low on Tintoberries, you could go after a certain kind of plant, where the dropchance is bigger... I don't mean it to be a sure thing.. But maybe like 20 or 25% chance for a drop on a certain plant... Right now, you just hack down anything nearby and hope for the best :)

The same could be cool with Wood and Thatch in relation to big and small trees. I know, that the Stone pick is best for thacht and the Stone hatchet is best for wood.. But I think, it would make sense for a small tree to generate more thatch, than a big tree, and for the big tree to generate more wood.. :)