Snappable rafts and structure rotation

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Snappable rafts and structure rotation

Postby ChadaMonkey » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:07 pm

So I've been building on my raft and managed to make a pretty sweet looking boat, the sail even looks good on it, but I hit the build limit and really want to place down some things like storage boxes and crafting stations. I had a thought, why not make rafts snappable TO EACH OTHER? You would have to limit the number of rafts that could be connected so people didn't go crazy with them (or maybe not? Maybe some man-made floating islands?), but by snapping one raft to another you could increase the build limit because logically your raft would be more buoyant. Another thing, I play on xbox and it's some times difficult to get a structure to snap the way you want it to, so maybe more precise and creative building controls could be implemented? I'd love to be able to flip the sloped walls upside down.
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