Dedicated Official Server Addon Team

Feature ideas for ARK: Survival Evolved
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Dedicated Official Server Addon Team

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I think the game makers should have a dedicated team of people who create new items (weapons, armor, gadgets etc), new locations, new abilities, new Dino's because the game is as only good as the stuff they put into it. I see all of these "Mods" people have created for unoffical servers but nothing like that for the Official Servers. It would be really awsome if we could use those type of ideas and and Mods withing the Office Servers and it would be really fun to! I know that every player enjoys it when something new comes out because it gives them something new to work for and something to be curious about. No one wants to play a game that is limited because there isn't any freedom in that and these days the new generation of games are all about player freedom... at least ever since Minecraft came out. Don't limit the game nor the stuff you put into because you're also limiting the player and his or her gaming experience!
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