Falling defense structures instead of destroyed

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Falling defense structures instead of destroyed

Post by bwicked » Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:52 pm

I had an idea of using the in game spikes as a hidden weapon trap where the spikes might fall on a raider if they were trying to blow up a vault and the ceiling holding the spikes were destroyed. I was thinking of loading a ceiling full of spikes so all the spikes would fall out and possibly hurt raiders but also making it harder to blow up a vault.

In addition to this, I think that machine turrets should also fall down to the supporting structure instead of being instantly destroyed. Maybe it will fall out of range of receiving power, but I feel machine turrets shouldn't just break if the ceiling or structure holding them is destroyed.

Perhaps other defense structures could also be made to fall instead of breaking like bear traps an trip wires.

I feel if a vault can be made to fall, defense structures should also be able to fall so those structures could defend to their fullest potential and make it effectively harder to be raided, further protecting precious things. I mean, it would definitely change things if you blow up a structure and it rained spikes and live turrets on you.

Perhaps a new structure idea or modification could be implemented as well. Linking a trap door or special ceiling and walls to another wall or ceiling where, if you break one ceiling or wall, the trap door/ceiling/wall linked to it will break as well releasing defensive structures stored on them. They could be like a fake ceiling or wall designed to crumble and come down if the structure it's linked to is also destroyed. For Example, someone blows up the floor around a vault but that floor was linked to 4 ceiling tiles above an area where raiders might hide trying avoid their C4 blast. Because the floor was linked to the four ceiling tiles a distance away, those 4 tiles will instantly break and wall spikes and/or turrets will fall on top of the raiders instantly changing the game and their strategy.

Taking the above idea another step further, there could be pressure plates keyed to anyone who's not in the tribe or alliance. If an enemy steps on the pressure plate, the special false walls and ceilings linked to the plate would crumble and defense devices could fall and protect the area. Kind of like in Indiana Jones and maybe a huge freaking bolder rolls towards you.

I feel all these ideas placed into the game would add a new dynamic and fuel creativity in an already awesome game.

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