Splitscreen/Host local server shouldn't have or should expand "boundary ring"

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Splitscreen/Host local server shouldn't have or should expand "boundary ring"

Postby Kearsley11 » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:56 am

I've noticed that whenever I play split screen with my buddy, or even when I'm hosting a local server and playing with my roommate on a different Xbox, there is a "boundary ring" that's centered around the host (which has been me every time). By "boundary ring" I mean that if I'm trying to upgrade my very terribly built foundation that I'd like to call a house, my friend(s) can't go very far to harvest materials while I'm staying at the house due to a large (or rather very small to scale) red ring set around the server host that doesn't allow other players to go outside of this circle. The same problem occurs when I'm out harvesting resources, if I venture off too far then my friend(s) can no longer work on the house b/c of the circle. Now what seems like would be an easy solution is to just coordinate "harvest runs" with the host, but that just becomes a hassle for both players in the sense of scarcity of resources among x amount of players within a given limited area, and if two or more players are crafting different materials some materials may not always be available within the ring. I suggest that either the "boundary ring" should be expanded quite a bit, or it should be removed. I don't mind the idea of there being a "boundary ring", but I find it to be very limiting. Side note, me and my friends in this specific server are pretty low levels (nobody is over lvl 20) and we're already finding it limiting, I can't imagine how it's going to be once we all get dinosaurs
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