[XBOX] Need Tribe Members [PVE]

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[XBOX] Need Tribe Members [PVE]

Postby Saxatile » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:53 pm

I need more Members in my Tribe. I do have tribe members, but they've been inactive for a while now which is why I need more people that will stay active on Ark. I prefer 18 or older, but i'm not very strict on the requirements just don't do anything b.s and I would like you to be familiar with the game too. I'm active on the server everyday and usually i'll do an all nighter, so if you want to join send me a message on Xbox (GT: "Dale Fairbanks" or "Oxy Predator") Hope I'll spend time with you all! Btw this community forum is dead... Hardly anyone is on and PichuDuet spamming random shit it's becoming ridiculous. Switching to the Official Forums now bye bye
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