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Private (Family & Friends Server) is opening its doors. Limited time - Active Admin you can reach in a emergency!

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:38 pm
by elvin9999
Mystic Blood a Private server that was just open to family and friends are now allowing others. This will only be for a limited time. Have you wanted a place where you can interact with others in a friendly environment. Look no further.
It is a private server running several mods.

TAME SPEED x3, xp2 gather x2.... Food/Water drain at 40%. (who wants to spend all day eating....I mean seriously)

We have also increased the Egg Laying percentage, decreased mating intervals, and young dino's mature more rapidly. Wanting to experience the game, but cant afford the time to watch a egg grow for 48 hours? Look no further...this is your server.

We are a private server and will not be found in the typical unoffical server list. We are 24/7 (minus updates on occasion which the admin tries to do in the later hours when fewer people are on). If your looking for a place to carve out your own history in ark without the craziness you find on some of the public servers look no further.

Better Beacons
Ark Automated
Big Rafts
Storage Plus
Crystal Lamps
Metal with Glass Set
Meat Dehydrator
Perfect Hair

If your interested visit our Server, (we are private) the best way to join us is to place this line in your internet browser to find us quickly. steam://connect/