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Tribe/new tribe/ join tribe (XBOX ONE)

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:58 am
by TommyMo
Good Day,
Currently I have a small tribe on pvpNA401. I am looking for members. I am also willing to join another tribe or even group up and start a brand new tribe on this server or on any other PVP xbox one server. I made it to level 20 but I do not really have any dino's or anything yet.

About me: 30 yo, Active Duty military. I have been off of work so I have been on every day. I return to work full time next week. My girl does not live with me so I have plenty of time to play. I am looking to play with like minded people , but I really only prefer to play with people that are 18+. This game is better with a large group so that is why I am on this forum. It is a game, so I do not take it too seriously. It is a great game so I see my self spending a lot of time on it. So let me know if you want to build some cool shit and just generally enjoy the game.

My GT is Trumpgasm. Add me or message me on here. I am willing to start all over on a brand new server or join another one.

Lets conquer the ark!

Re: Tribe/new tribe/ join tribe (XBOX ONE)

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:20 pm
by Skylight026
Hi. I have a pretty decent tribe on pvp 64. Right now I have 2 active members 1 is me. We have a decent amount of tames...anky frog 2 pteras 2 doeds. We are in the middle of relocating because our base right now is out in the open. We could really use your help. Message me at jgriff123 or riddick3231 if you're interested.