Friendly PvE tribe looking for members [XBOX]

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Moody Gnome
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Friendly PvE tribe looking for members [XBOX]

Postby Moody Gnome » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:10 pm

Hi Arkians,

If you're just starting out and want to join in a friendly PvE low level tribe where everything has not been done for you already then give Moody Gnome a shout.

Just a few of us at the moment. Built a little base with a couple of outposts in the more dangerous areas, got a few low level dinos tamed and a decent farm going so got the basics of survival. Hell - we've even finally managed to take out some of titanboas that were the bane of our (short brutal) lives at the beginning of the game!

Now looking to explore a little further, build a bigger base, tame something more exciting than the hippo etc. but it's hard to do with just a couple of members.

Looking for 18+, chilled out, 'here for fun' gamers. No pressure environment - build what you like, catch what you like, do whatever you want really. We can work solo but come together occasionally to try and trap and tame the bigger beasties. I am based in GMT but we have a couple on EST and one on PT so there is likely to be someone around to talk to you whenever you are on.

Noobs more than welcome - we can come and meet you on the beach and escort you to (relative) safety.

Gamertag: Moody Gnome

See you online soon
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