24/7 PvPvE [XBOX] Dedicated Server 4x taming, 3x Harvest, 2.5x XP

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24/7 PvPvE [XBOX] Dedicated Server 4x taming, 3x Harvest, 2.5x XP

Post by TCvincent » Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:35 am

I'm looking for more people to join our server. We had a lot more people on it but most of them moved on to other games for a while. We're looking to repopulate our server to a certain extent. 

It is NOT a freshly wiped server, most of us are already in the 70s and 80s. But since we really don't do any PvP, it really shouldn't matter. We do frequent server wipes (1-1 1/2 months) but we plan to keep this server cycle running to at least the full release of the game. We are just messing around at this point, having fun, trying new things. So, you will have plenty of time do whatever you want.

It is a PvPvE server but with only "planned" PvP. Meaning no raiding, ever. Actually, everyone in the server is in the same tribe alliance. We love working together on tames and we share all the blueprints we find so everyone has a chance to use them. I also have a community water pin built at my base. We allow breeding with all our dinos as well. 

Basically we have a super relaxed server running for people tired of spamming the join button on official servers, other people's BS, and just wanting to have a good time.

If you're interested in joining/knowing the full extent of the server settings, message me on Xbox Live. My gamertag is TCvincent. MAKE SURE you have a headset so we can communicate with you and get you all set up.

We used to have a 18+ rule for this server but as long as you're mature enough, we'll give you a chance. 

These are some of the main settings, not exact, but just to give you an idea.

4x taming

3x harvest

2.5x XP

Dino breeding/egg hatching has been speed up (about 24 hours for a quetz for example)

Baby food consumption has been lowered (one feeding trough full with do all dinos)

Spoil timers have been adjusted

Item decay (bag when you die) is about a hour

Resource respawn is a little above official (cranking that up messed with our spino spawns)

Rules as follows.

-No raiding

-No spawn blocking (resource, dinos)

-No inviting you're friends into the server without one of the admin's consent

-Called out wild dinos are YOURS and no one else (whoever sees it first, owns it)

-We currently do not allow downloads

Thanks and let us know if you want to join, message the following gamertags, TCvincent, Royal Jaeger, or FROGGINTRUCKIN

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