[XBOX] Second Sons Tribe Recruitment- PvP

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[XBOX] Second Sons Tribe Recruitment- PvP

Postby Sweeson » Sat May 14, 2016 5:58 am

Greeting survivors,

We are currently looking for more members to expand our already very large tribe on a pvp server. We have been well established for a long time both in reputation with the other tribes as well as have an outstanding facility for kibble, taming and breeding. We have a personal locker system allowing you to store your own items with your own password, we have both tribe shared tames such as harvesters as well as personally owned tames that are more commonly used as mounts. We have excellent war capabilities and have been successful in many campaigns to defend ourselves and protect the server, along with the other tribes and alliances, however we maintain a peaceful attitude towards all other tribes unless provoked. We have a ranking system to establish trust with new members, and next week are finally going to build our shared server village with a coliseum!!!

We have a wide time zone range which can help with breeding and security of the base, as well as giving you access to a worldwide variety of people and age groups, creating a very friendly community. We do ask a headset as a requirement for your acceptance into the tribe.

If you wish to join, please message myself for UK (gamertag: Sweeson), Bailey for Australia (gamertag: Wee Lad Gibley) or Andy for the USA (gamertag: mrmarksman1992).

We look forward to meeting you :-)
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