Second Sons Tribe Recruitment- Xbox One-PVP

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Second Sons Tribe Recruitment- Xbox One-PVP

Postby Sweeson » Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:22 am

Greetings survivors,

We are undergoing another recruitment drive. We are a large pvp tribe and have excellent facilities. We prefer experienced players but this is not essential. We do ask that you have a working microphone.

Upon joining the tribe you will be given some basic gear and a locker, and will have access to basic eggs and kibble to tame yourself a land and air mount. We have tribe shared mounts to allow you to level yourself up, as well as personal tames for those who want a specific mount.
We are a peaceful tribe, but that doesn't mean war hasn't come to us many times now, each time successful with the help of our excellent alliance.
We are currently building a community village for the whole server to access with arenas etc, and need a variety of breeds and tames, with others working on continually fortifying base defense. We are happy for people to take on a variety of tasks or work on something specific (breeders, builders etc).
We are also setting up a sister tribe with a secondary kibble farm and base facilities.
To apply, please send an xbox message to: Sweeson (UK), Mr Gooch21 (US), or xxAPHRODIT3xx (US, sister tribe). We look forward to meeting to you!
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