Lets Grow Together

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Lets Grow Together

Postby Marine » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:43 am

To Whom it Concerns,

My name is Marine. My tribe is accepting new members, We are a mid sized tribe of 10-15 with around 6-10 be active nightly. We have a arrange of dino's from a Dodo to a Rex. Our tribe is built around trading with others on the server. Our server is Primitive PVE 451. We have built our main base on herb island. We have other outpost throughout the main island that we are building/ growing in size. It is my goal to find tribes men to maintain and grow these post or relocate to better spots when possible. Right know our first goal is grow and get to know everyone. Once that is accomplished we will set members at certain post to work, live and survive the ark. While there we will support each other in needs and trade with other tribes when possible.

So if you see this as a fit for you find us mention me Marine, or hit me up at gt BoggsUSMC3531MT on Xbox one. I would like to thank those whom join and see ya on the ark.

Lets all Just Survive,
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