Established Xbox one tribe recruiting

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Caesar Sagius
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Established Xbox one tribe recruiting

Post by Caesar Sagius » Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:01 pm

Hello all,

We are an established Xbox one tribe recruiting to fill a few spots. Currently we enjoy a full metal base with private rooms, and all the amenities one could ask for. We are also in a great alliance with the most powerful tribes on the server and enjoying peace currently

What we are looking for:

Our two most active players are lvl 70+. We both work and have families so we need more people for our tribe to flourish and hit its full potential.

What we offer:

A fortified base with fantastic neighbors, a full range of tamed animals, industrial cooker and forge, greenhouse and kibble farms. Your own private room which only YOU can access. That's right, security for your personal belongings. And lets tame you your own personal dinosaurs. We do have some community animals but nothing is better than having your own flyer or rex no one else will touch.

What we ask:

Basically what you would expect. Respect our alliances, be courteous to other players, contribute to the success and growth of your own player and the tribe.

We are called Rome and are on euro server 328. It is a PvP server.

So you can play ark and see how it goes or you could be a Roman, play ark, and build a lasting legacy.

My gamer tag is Caesar Sagius. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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