Looking for a tribe

Hello, my name is Bob. I love games. I love ARK. I love lamp.
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Looking for a tribe

Post by arog12100 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:15 am

Hi guys,

I am quite new to this game and actually started playing it alone. I would be really intrested in some sort of active tribe.
Does some one have a tribe with people that are in to making some fun.


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Re: Looking for a tribe

Post by Maxkilo2 » Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:30 am

Hey Abdel,
I have a great place for you to play, Its new so you'll have some nice spots open to get started, there is always admin on to help and some solo players looking for tribes, teamspeak is there if you need it. Its a PVE server so you don't have to worry about loosing weeks of work, but we are building an arena and getting set up for base battles with willing tribes so there will be PVP action for those who want. We have people joining often so its growing, I own the server and spent lots of time on it and working on making it better, it was tested for a month before launching public and has great settings for a balanced fun game.... feel free to add me on steam or just join the room .. here is the info.

42 slots, high performance and a new clean map.
3 x most things with friendly admins available.
If your new to the game you wont have any trouble on our friendly PVE server, If your not we do have battles between willing tribes, the server is catered to the comunity
So join anytime by copy and paste to the server filters,
through steam or search out our server on from the nitrado list or https://toparkservers.com

Copy and Paste:

A Balncd Friendly PVE 3X Admin FaST nights

or IP

We back our servers up and avoid wipes at all cost. The night time is shortened and the settings are geared towards preformance and fun.. See you soon!!

for questions add: maxkilo2 on steam.

THE SERVER IS FLEXIBLE.. there will be battles between willing tribes, PVP when wanted for those who want to fight.
Teamspeak is up and the battle arena is coming. its new so there is plenty of room on the map, but there are people playing solo
looking for tribes and a couple small tribes looking to grow!

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