Hello Survivors

Hello, my name is Bob. I love games. I love ARK. I love lamp.
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Hello Survivors

Postby DarkLeviathan01 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:08 am

Hello all,

So, I just purchased the game preview for XBOX One last night and while the learning process is very slow, I am getting there. To start with, I did not think much of the game and in fact I bought the game before I even understood the basics, but I knew just from playing the demo that there would be something about this game that would make it more fun than most others and from what I have seen, I am right.

I look forward to learning more and crafting more and taming my first dino. I am in a private server right now but once I learn more about the game, I will do more and join the public. (If I can get on a server that is not full. Lol.) Anyway, I look forward to beginning this new adventure!
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