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Recruiting (Xbox One)

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:22 am
by Typh0n90
Server Details;

The Center Map
Official EU server
No established alpha (yet)

Tribe details;

8 Members with 6 being active
Friendly group with mature players (only one under 18 the rest of us are 26+)
Metal main base with more structures being put up.
Plant x with turrets and a green house.
All but one member are based in the EU.

Looking for;

Players with some experience with ark. Happy to take on people who are new to ark however one at a time to ensure help can be provided.
21+ is a must, no exceptions.
Looking for members who want to contribute and grow as a tribe.
Players with common sense. There will always be moments where you can pvp. There is no need to go looking for a fight, the fight will come to us.
Mic required.

Message me, Typh0n90, over Xbox Live and I will get back to you.