Metal egg grid and ignore mass whistle command

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Metal egg grid and ignore mass whistle command

Post by VortexPrime » Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:42 am

Hi :)

Just a couple of things that came to mind while building my dilo/dodo egg farm. With small dinos that cant have a saddle, its a nightmare to line them up properly so they lay eggs in a way that's easy to collect. The way we do it at the moment is to drop 3 of them into a 1x1 box (a mission on its own) then whistle follow so they line up against the wall facing you, then whistle stop, then build a ramp below the box, then destroy the box so they're all facing against the wall and the eggs roll down the ramp.

If someone hits the follow all hotkey by accident, the whole thing has to be redone and that seems a bit of an unnecessary problem, shouldn't even have to do all of that in the first place. So I have a couple of suggestions that would help egg farming small dinos to be a bit more friendly.

1) A feature where you can turn off mass whistle commands for individual dinos. For instance a dodo or a dilo in a farm will never have to move, so make it possible to turn off group whistle commands so that if someone accidentally whistles follow all, they still stay put.

2) A metal grill floor. A metal ceiling which is more of a grid/grill thing that allows eggs to fall through. This would mean players wouldn't have to spend ages trying to align the dinos, just toss them in a box with the grill as the floor and put the ramp beneath it, eggs fall through and roll to the bottom. Wouldn't that be so nice and clean? This would also fit aesthetically with the metal railings for building walkways between buildings or along taming pens. Wood and stone versions could exist too but I thought if its metal, its a more exclusive efficient farming ability that gets unlocked later on.

I hope my suggestions help :)

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