Kill Dino Over Wall for PVP

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Kill Dino Over Wall for PVP

Postby » Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:46 pm

It's very frustrating that I can't kill any Dinosaurs over a wall because of the stupid Dinosaurs Wall Protection that was placed. It's highly unfare because it killed 40% of the PVP experience. I shot 160 arrows into a level 28 T-rex and it's HP didn't even budge. It's so frustrating... I get the don't kill the Dinosaurs through walls but ofer them? Come one... that's just unrealistic and unfare. How are we suppose to kill other players Dino's without having a Quitz or a Giga? So... frustrating... it makes all the long ranged weapons useless... I mean why even have them in the game if you can sit on top of a mountain (which is realistic) and snipe off someone's Dinosaurs? If that's how it's going to be throw the weapons away... they're not needed because you can't use the for what they're meant for... which is killing.
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