Xbox PVP Tribe Recruitment

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Xbox PVP Tribe Recruitment

Post by Sweeson » Sun May 01, 2016 10:32 am

Greetings survivors,

We are recruiting again on our xbox pvp server. We have a great reputation with the rest of the server and are very closely allied to the alpha tribe.

We are only looking for American and Australian members, preferably above the age of 16. We are not currently recruiting anyone in a europe time zone as we have a lot of UK based members myself included. We do have plenty of USA and AUS members but are looking at expanding our numbers.

We are currently in the works of breeding some great dinos and have facilities for people's personal houses and dino pens, as well as great community resources and dinos.

We are a passive tribe, maintaining a humble and helpful attitude towards other tribes, but we do not go without action and have been completely successful in any campaigns against tyrannical tribes and alliances (one tribe stapled the entire volcano with metal foundations). We have a ranking system in place to enable trust with new members which is an easy process.

For application, you will need a working microphone, please send and xbox live message to one of the following gamertags: Sweeson, (UK) epicKNIGHT24 (pacific) mrmarksman1992 (eastern time zone GMT-5) or Wee Lad Gibley (Australia).

Thanks- Lawson

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