Scorched Earth [PvE] good rates + MODS

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Scorched Earth [PvE] good rates + MODS

Post by 5ubZer0 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:27 am

Hello, good day for all.

My friend and I, we are running a 10 slot server on Scorched Earth map and we are looking for people to populate it.

We got 10x gathering, 50x taming, 20x egg hatching/maturation and 10x experience.

The mods running are the following:
515417327- Difficulty 8++ (allows player up to 160 and wild dinos up to 240)
630601751- resource stacks
592595740- kibble vending machine (to imprint babies with all those kibbles you can't find in SE)
572277026- ark advance 10
656525905- extra ark 2.0
731604991- structures plus
719928795- Platforms Plus
722649005- redwoods anywhere
633831197- Bulk Crafters
566885854- death helper

Download of creatures is possible after moderation by admin.
We are looking for mature people who want to be part of this daily active Ark.

Send me a private message if you wish to know the server details.


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